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Map of Philadelphia Farmers' Markets

Click on Farm to City's logo at the bottom of the page to isolate our farmers' markets on the map. Map is courtesy of Mahbubur Meenar, Temple University.

Our Farmers' Markets


  • Rittenhouse Farmers' Market
    Last market day 11/25
    Hours: 10 am to 1 pm
    Location: Walnut Street (south sidewalk), west of 18th Street
    Products: IPM fruits and vegetables - beef and eggs from pastured animals - baked goods - canned goods
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: Hands on the Earth Orchard, Rineer Family Farms
  • Drexel Farmers' Market
    Last market day tentatively 11/25
    Hours: 11 am to 3 pm
    Location: "Chestnut Square" on the south side of the 3200 block of Chestnut St.
    Products: IPM fruits and vegetables - West Philly Grown Vegetables
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: Fruitwood Farms, Urban Tree Connnection


  • University Square Farmers' Market
    Winter schedule: 11/19 - Market 11/26 - No market, 12/3 - Market, 12/10 - Market, 12/17- 1/7 - No markets, 1/14 - Market resumes
    Hours: 10 am to 3 pm
    Location: 36th St at Walnut Street
    Products: - IPM vegetables, fruit, & berries - mushrooms - canned & baked goods - artisan chocolates - gourmet popsicles
    Local partner: University of Pennsylvania
    SNAP/credit card access: Beechwood Orchards
  • Fountain Farmers' Market
    Las market day 11/26
    Hours: 3 pm to 7 pm
    Location: East Passyunk Ave, at 11th and Tasker Streets
    Products: IPM fruits & vegetables - cheese and eggs - honey - cut flowers - locally-made preserves thru Green Aisle Grocery - vegetable and fruit breads - Amish baked goods - cut flowers
    Local partner: East Passyunk Business Improvement District and Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation

  • Oakmont Farmers' Market (Havertown)
    A former Farm to City Affiliate Market.
    Hours: 3 to 7 pm
    Location: Grace Chapel Parking Lot, Darby Road just west of Eagle Road
    Updates: Visit their website for more information.


  • Jefferson Farmers' Market
    Last market day 11/20
    Hours: 11 am to 3:30 pm
    Location: Chestnut Street east of 10th Street
    Products: IPM fruits & vegetables - beef & eggs from pastured animals - jams & baked goods from seasonal fruit - honey - plants.
    Local partner: Jefferson Hospital
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: Herbal Springs Farmstead, McCann's Farm
  • Mt. Airy Farmers' Market
    Closed for the season
    Hours: 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    Location: On Carpenter Lane at Greene Street
    Products: IPM fruit and vegetables
    SNAP/credit card access: TBD
    Local partners: Weavers Way
  • Bala Cynwyd Farmers' Market
    Last Thursday market will be 11/20. Please visit us for our special Wednesday Thanksgiving market on 11/26 from 10am-2pm
    Hours: 2:30 to 6:30 pm
    Location: GSB building parking lot, on Belmont Ave. near St. Asaph's Rd
    Products: chemical-free & IPM vegetables - IPM fruit - cows'-milk cheese - pastured meats and eggs - European-style bread and sweet baked goods - gelato - cupcake truck.
    Updates: Visit the market's website, plus its Facebook page.
    SNAP/credit card access: none
  • Walnut Hill Farm Stand
    Last market day 10/30
    Hours: 4 - 7pm
    Location: 4610 Market Street, adjacent to the SEPTA 46th St. L Station
    Products: vegetables grown without pesticides/herbicides
    Farm stand is operated by: The Enterprise Center. Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted.


  • Gorgas Park Farmers' Market
    Last market day in 2014 will be 11/25, a TUESDAY
    Hours: 2 to 6 pm
    Location: Ridge Ave. at Acorn St.
    Products: IPM fruit and vegetables - honey.
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: McCann's Farm


  • Rittenhouse Farmers' Market
    Year-round market! Market hours will change to 10am-2pm, starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving
    Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
    Location: 18th & Walnut Streets, both on south sidewalk of Walnut St and west sidewalk of 18th St
    Producers*: Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery - Beechwood Orchards - Cherry Grove - Davidson Exotics Mushrooms - Down Home Acres Farm - Food and Ferments - Fresh-A-Peel Hummus - Good Spoon Soups - Green Aisle Grocery - Hilltop Farm - John & Kira's - Market Day Canele - Rineer Family Farms - Shore Catch - Tandi's Naturals - Tassot Apiaries - Wildflour Bakery Updates:visit the Facebook page.
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: Beechwood Orchards, Rineer Family Farms (visa and master card only)
  • Chestnut Hill Farmers' Market
    Year-round market! Hours will change to 10am-Noon, starting the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There will be no market on the Saturday after Christmas, 12/27
    Hours: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
    Location: Winston Road between Germantown Avenue and Mermaid Lane
    Producers*: Davidson Exotic Mushrooms - Fahnestock Fruit Farm - Good Spoon Soups - Foolish Waffles Truck - Otolith Sustainable Seafood - Rineer Family Farms - Stoudt's Wonderful Good Market - Taproot Farm
    Updates:visit the Facebook page.
    Visa and Master Card: Landisdale Farm, Rineer Family Farm, Wonderful Good Market
  • Bryn Mawr Farmers' Market
    Year-round market! There will be no market on 11/29. Winter Schedule is 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, Dec-April, from 10am-Noon
    Hours:9 am - 1 pm.
    Location: Municipal Lot 7 on Lancaster Avenue, in front of the Bryn Mawr train station, across from Ludington Library
    Producers*: Birchrun Hills - Blue Elephant Farm - Canter Hill - Davidson Exotics Mushrooms - Frecon Farms - Fresh-A-Peel Hummus - Good Spoon Soups - Market Day Canele - Philly Fair Trade Roasters - Shellbark Hollow - Two Gander Farm - Wildflour Bakery
    Updates:visit the Facebook page.
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: Birchrun Hills Farm
    VISA and MASTER CARD only: Canter Hill and Frecon Farms
    (*please check Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for weekly lineup of producers):
  • Girard & 27th Farm Stand
    Closed for the season
    A Farm to City Affiliate Market operated by the West Girard Community Council
    Hours: 10 am to 1 pm
    Location: NW corner 27th and Girard Avenue
    Products: fruits and vegetables, bread from Metropolitan Bakery.
  • Swarthmore Farmers' Market
    Last market day 11/8
    Hours: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
    Location: In municipal building parking lot, across from the Swarthmore Co-op
    Products: IPM vegetables & fruit - mushrooms - meat and eggs from grass-fed animals - crusty bread - artisan chocolate and soap.
    Local partner: Swarthmore Town Center, Inc.
  • East Falls Farmers' Market
    Last market day 11/1
    Hours: 10 am to 2 pm
    Location: *New Location* Under the Route 1 overpass, between Kelly Dr. and Ridge Ave.
    Products: IPM vegetables and berries.
    Local partner: East Falls CDC
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: The McCann's Farm


  • Dickinson Square Farmers' Market
    Last market day 10/26
    Hours: 10 am to 2 pm
    Location: Southeast corner of Dickinson Square, on Moyamensing near Morris Street
    Products: chemical-free vegetables - IPM fruits and vegetables - eggs from pastured chickens - European-style bread and baked goods. Local partner: Friends of Dickinson Square Park
    Pennsylvania ACCESS, VISA, and MASTER CARDS accepted: All Farms through Farm to City


Most of the farmers at our markets do accept Farmers' Market Nutrition Program paper vouchers, issued to seniors or WIC recipients; please check with individual farmer(s) at each market, because each farmer must apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to be eligible to accept these paper checks.

SOME FARMS AT OUR MARKETS ACCEPT ACCESS (SNAP), CREDIT, AND DEBIT CARDS. The farmers who will be able to accept payment with these cards are listed in blue, by market.


IPM. This term used to describe the fruits and vegetables available at some of the markets. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. The National IPM Network defines IPM practice as "a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health, and environmental risks."

Pastured animals. When cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other animals are allowed to eat their natural diet - grass, bugs, and other organisms in a field - they produce superior quality meat, eggs, and milk. The farmers who raise their livestock on pasture typically do not feed them antibiotics nor inject them with hormones. Research shows that meat, eggs, and dairy products from grassfed animals have higher omega-3 fatty acids, more favorable omega-3 to omega-6 ratios, and lower cholesterol than the poor beasts stuffed with corn in feed-lots. They are healthy animals and the products made from them are better for people. Eggs are available from various farms at all our markets! The following are markets at which meat from pastured animals is available:


  • Chestnut Hill (Landisdale Farm and Rineer Family Farm: beef; Stryker Farm: woodland raised pork
  • Jefferson (Herbal Springs Farmstead: beef)
  • Rittenhouse on Tuesday (Rineer Family Farm: beef)
  • Suburban Station: (Rineer Family Farm: beef)
  • Rittenhouse on Saturday (Rineer Family Farm: beef; Cranberry Creek Farm: goat, pork; Hilltop Farm: chicken)
  • Suburbs:
    • Bryn Mawr (Birchrun Hills Farm: pork, veal; Canter Hill Farm: lamb, poultry; Herbal Springs Farmstead: beef; Livengood's Family Farm: beef, pork, fresh poultry)
    • Swarthmore (Forrest Acres: beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, poultry)
    Please support these farmers and enjoy high-quality meat that is not a product of the industrial food system.

Vendor Requirements

To be considered as a potential producer for one of our markets you must have a food-related product and either be: a) a primary producer growing the crops you bring to market; or b) a value added producer whose main ingredients are sourced from local farms (within 150 miles of Philadelphia) and your product(s) need to be made in a certified kitchen. You must also be willing to carry a general liability insurance policy with aggregate limit of $2M and have all of your own equipment for market. We are no longer accepting applications for the 2014 season; however, if you wish to be placed on our waiting list please email matt at farmtocity dot org with your name, phone number, the name of your business, and a short description of your farm or product(s). Put "Farmers' Market Waiting List" in the subject line. If we haven an opening at one of our markets and we feel you would be a good fit, we will contact you.

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