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Community Food Compact

Community Food Compact

The Cooperative Community Food Compact, Inc. (CCFC) is a member-owned and operated agricultural cooperative located in Southern Rensselaer County, between Albany, NY and Pittsfield, MA.

The Compact brings together local farmers and other food producer and consumers to form an independent, directly marketed, local food system that supports local fair trade and sustainable agriculture.

The Compact offers a way for local farmers and other food producers to sell their food, an easier way for consumers to buy local food at a reasonable price, and a community self-help setting to provide health and nutrition education and sound ecological practices. Visit our website at www.foodcompact.com


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The Compact offers a one-stop online weekly ordering system for the purchase of local food/products; hosted by Farm To City. The online order form lists the products available; such as fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, milk, sauces and other local foods; price, unit, and a brief product description. Producers may provide a profile on the Compact ordering website to promote their food and explain their growing and production methods. On occasion the compact offers a “wholesale section” of products that our producers wish to offer in case-size quantities.


A one time purchase of at least 1/2 share of Compact stock for $50 is needed to join the Compact. There are no annual membership fees. This is the lowest co-op entry requirements in the NY Capital District. This investment involves risk and the value of this stock is not guaranteed. When possible, the co-op will buy back share(s)for the same amount paid from members who are leaving.

When the co-op is making sufficient profits, it will distribute monthly patronage work dividends, based upon the value of work performed during the month in co-op member worker jobs. There are no dividends for owning shares or for shopping.

The Compact is incorporated in NYS as a cooperative, a not-for-profit democratic organization that serves the needs of its members. Your membership entitles you to participate in running the co-op.

Eligible applicants will be accepted into membership if space is available. Priority is given to residents of Columbia and Rensselaer Counties. Some membership scholarships are available for low income residents.


FRIDAYS BY NOON: Member farms and other food providers supply information about which of their foods will be available for the coming week.

SATURDAYS BY 10AM: The co-op updates the product lists.

SATURDAYS 10AM TO SUNDAYS MIDNIGHT: Consumers can place their orders on weekends at any time during this order period. You may change or cancel your order before the order period closes.

MONDAYS BY NOON: Farms and other food producers receive their new orders for the week.

WEDNESDAYS 4PM TO 7PM: The Nassau Consumer Marketplace is open for members to shop and enjoy other activities together.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTS: Members have their own private Compact accounts. Your account, orders and balances can be viewed online at any time. Funds must be in your account to cover your order before it will be accepted by the online ordering system. Payments are automatically deducted from your account Sunday night when the order period closes. Deposits to replenish your account are accepted at the marketplace on Wednesdays and posted to your account before the next order period opens on Saturday.

EBT (FOOD STAMPS): The Compact accept EBT(food stamp)payments. EBT recipients must maintain a cash deposit in their Compact accounts to cover their orders just like other members.


Buying and selling food in the Compact differs from conventional food buying and selling because the Compact's goals are different and include providing greater security for both our producer and consumer members and supporting our local food system and way of life.

TARGETS: To create a larger local market for our producers and to keep prices down for consumers, consumers, strive to buy more of their foods from Compact, than people usually spend on local food. Our current targets are approximately $25/wk singles, $50/wk two people, $75/wk three people, $100 four person. (Children under 10 not counted). These goals are entirely voluntarily. Members order whatever they wish.

BUYING PLANS: To help inquirers determine how much they might buy, or members how they could buy more, the Compact offers to prepare a "buying plan" for you. We can sit down together at the market or we can do a plan for you over the phone. You select the foods on the product list you are interested in and state how many weeks it typically takes you to finish each food before you would order it again. The Compact computes your average weekly order automatically and gives you a copy. We are also very interested in learning what additional local foods you would like the Compact to carry.

PRODUCERS' AGREEMENTS: The Co-op uses Compact records and buying plans of our consumer members to determine total consumer demand. This enables us to prepare annual plans with our member producers to buy food from them. Eventually we hope to sign contracts with our producers that guarantee regular business for them from the Compact. Consumers receive the security of knowing that high-quality, safe, local food will be available for them.


A Compact Consumer Market is both a local group of Compact consumers and a physical marketplace where they get their food. The Nassau Compact Market is the founding market in the Compact, and it's marketplace is at Grace United Methodist Church, 42 Church St, (Rt.20), Nassau, NY, 12123, open Wednesdays, from 4pm to 7pm.

All of the food ordered by Compact members is brought to the Nassau Compact marketplace, where it is displayed so that consumers can shop by picking out their food. The marketplace is also a community gathering spot where food is sampled, recipes shared and other Compact programs held.

Consumer members do not have to work to buy Compact food but the market must have enough working members to fill its jobs.

The public is welcome to drop in and visit the Nassau Compact Marketplace. Sales are offered so that you can try Compact food and help the Market dispose of its surplus.

To view the Nassau Compact Market's Facebook page click on this link: http://www.facebook.com/n/?pages%2FNassau-Community-Food-Compact%2F267155767116&mid=1c59395G3f3c65e2Gf09801G49


The Community Food Compact is the first community agricultural co-operative we know that strives to integrate nutrition serving information into its product list, and our buying plans. This will give members a way to link their food shopping directly to their family nutrition needs to improve dietary health and save money. Interested members can join in this work, which is not yet complete. We also hope to offer nutrition information at the marketplace and help members place orders for special dietary food needs.


The Community Food Compact provides a weekly product news email and strives to provide weekly recipes that helps members learn about new seasonal food offerings and cooking with local food staples. Improving our diets and enjoying a new local way of eating depends upon sharing our experiences and knowledge about local food buying and cooking. Interested members can join in this work.


GENERAL INQUIRIES: Email: communityfoodcompact@gmail.com, or Call: Sam at 518-256-1881 or Sheila at 518-766-2047