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Red Earth Farm

Red Earth Farm

Registration for 2016 CSA Shares is now open!

If interested in joining, fill out an application on the left.

Red Earth Farm is family-owned and operated farm dedicated to bringing the freshest produce to our customers. Situated in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania - near Hawk Mountain - our 90 acre farm offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships and participates in the Emmaus and West Chester Grower’s Markets.

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a weekly subscription program in which subscribers purchase a share of the produce grown on a local farm.

In Red Earth Farm’s CSA, you purchase a share at the before the growing season and receive your choice of fresh seasonal produce from June to November. At Red Earth Farm, we pack your weekly order and deliver it to a pick-up site most convenient to your home or work. You will also have the opportunity to purchase other fresh farm products such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, and honey that we bring to you from neighboring farms.

CSA provides the opportunity to experience local foods as they come into season. Each vegetable, fruit and herb that comes to your table is at its peak of flavor and nutritional value. Seasonal foods bring a natural variation to the diet and establishes a rhythm in our eating habits.

You support a local farm. By Supporting a local farm you make help to keep our environment greener by reducing transportation of foods by as much as 1000 miles.

What The Red Earth Farm CSA Offers:

Member Choice Produce CSA. Our farm allows members to order on-line each week from a list of seasonal fresh produce. We then deliver your Custom Packed Box to your neighborhood.

  • Full and Partial vegetable shares are available Below you will see details about the shares and the produce we grow seasonally.
  • Optional Shares. Our CSA also offers a wide range of supplemental shares of other products from ours and nearby farms: artisan cheese share, egg share, fruit share, and several yogurt shares.
  • Extra Orders. You can also order other farm products on a per-item basis: produce, eggs, cheese, honey, cut flowers, and fruit.
  • Potluck Suppers, including the Harvest Barn Dance, at the farm allow families to visit and experience how their food is raised.
  • Newsletters from The Farm include information about nutrition, our growing practices, recipes and updates on upcoming events.
    • “We are so grateful for the amazingly beautiful produce you have diligently delivered to us for so many weeks. Our kids have never eaten so much of their vegetables or fruit. Our life has felt plentiful thanks to you.” D.D., Philadelphia.

Our Delivery Locations


    Fairmount (Philadelphia): 852 Corinthian Avenue, private home. Pickup 2pm - 7pm.

    Jefferson Hospital: Jefferson Alumni Hall 1020 Locust St. - pick up in the lobby, 11am -1:30 pm

    Lenhartsville: Healing Earth Studio, 63 Little Round Top Road. Pickup 12pm - 7pm. www.healingearthstudio.com

    Queen Village (Philadelphia): Queen Village Neighbors Association, 405 Queen St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Pickup 1:30-3pm, 4:30-7pm.

    Red Earth Farm: 5785 Golden Key Road, Kempton. Pickup 10am - 6pm.

    Red Earth Farm Orwigsburg: Red Earth Farm, 1025 Red Dale Road

    Rittenhouse (Philadelphia): Metropolitan Bakery, 262 South 19th Street. Pickup 3pm - 7pm.

    University of Penn: E. Craig Sweeten Alumni House, 3533 Locust Walk, Philadelphia. Pickup 3pm - 5pm.

    West Philly: 4417 Baltimore Ave, overlooking Clark Park. Pickup 4pm - 9pm.


    Allentown: 2323 W. Highland Street, Allentown 18104. Pick up will be flexible hours on covered porch at the dental office of Dr. Mark Notis.

    Ambler: 338 Rosemary Avenue, private home. Pickup from 1pm - 7pm.

    Bethlehem: 123 East Church Street, private home. Pickup 11am - 7pm.

    Bethlehem, South Side: 3rd Street, at the newly re-opened restaurant Balasia. Pickup 11am - 7pm.

    Bristol Borough: 103 Taft Street, private home. Near Bensalem, Yardley, Levittown, Langhorne and Newtown. Pickup 3pm - 7pm.

    Bryn Athyn (Huntingdon Valley): 2424 Walton Road. Pickup 2pm - 7pm.

    Chestnut Hill (Erdenheim): 1007 Fraser Road, private home. Pickup 3pm - 7pm.

    Emmaus: Bob Kahle Piano Service, 809 Chestnut Street. Pickup 10am - 7pm.

    Mt Airy: 7042 McCallum St, private home. Pickup 4pm - 8pm.

    Roxborough: 4143 Manayunk Avenue, private home. Pickup 4pm - 8pm.


    Ardmore: 210 Williamsburg Road, private home. Pickup 2pm - 8pm.

    Gulph Mills: 1208 Lemonton Ct, Conshohocken, PA 19428 (Gulph Mills). The closest major intersection is South Gulph Rd and Upper Gulph Rd in Gulph Mills and is less than a mile from there.

    Havertown: 308 Glen Gary Drive, private residence. Pickup 4pm - 7pm.

    Media: 946 Second Ave, private home. Pickup 4pm - 8pm.

    Swarthmore: 412 Dickinson Avenue, private home. Pickup 4pm - 8pm.

    Swarthmore College: Location on campus and pickup times TBD, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA.

    Wallingford: Ohev Shalom, 2 Chester Road, Wallingford, PA 19086. Pickup 3pm - 6pm.

    Wynnewood: 1010 Nicholson Road, private home. Pickup 2pm - 7pm.


    Alburtis: Kopsia Farms, 2288 State Street, 18011

    West Chester: West Chester Grower's Market. Pickup 9am - 1pm.

    Shares Available

    Full price for shares is shown. Purchase of a main share or partial share is required to purchase other share types.

      Full Share: Select 10 items weekly for 22 weeks, beginning the first week of June. For example, one item might be any of the following: a large head of lettuce, a quart of tomatoes, a pint of sungold cherry tomatoes, 3-4 eggplant, or 3-4 large bell peppers. This share is designed to feed a family of four, or a couple who eat a LOT of veggies. If you plan to "split" this share with a friend, be aware each share has only one account name and ordering takes place under that name. Also be aware that during the season, depending on availability, certain items may be difficult to split into two equal parts. $654 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $635 if paid by check

      Partial Share: Select 6 items weekly for 22 weeks, starting the first full week of June. This share is designed for couples, or small families. Item selection and size vary during the season, for example 1 quart of peas, two small heads of bok choi, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 1 quart of yellow slicing tomatoes, etc. $465 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $451 if paid by check

      Extras Purchases: Allows member to order extra items during the season. The cost is a deposit to be used for purchases or refunded at the season's end if unused. $37 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $35 if paid by check

      Artisan Cheese Share: Farmstead and Artisan cheeses hand made by Hillacres Pride, Peach Bottom, PA. 10 biweekly deliveries of 2 cheeses from a variety including 7 varieties of cheddar, colby, Susquehanna (our favorite), ricotta, mozarella, Fulton's Clermont and more. No hot jack or horseradish cheddar (available through the buyong club). Made from the milk of Registered Jersey cows pastured on lush green pastures from April through October. Winter fed on hay and silage harvested from farm during the summer. No bovine growth hormone, therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones. Beautiful creamy golden color to these cheeses. $133 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $129 if paid by check

      Egg Share: One dozen farm fresh free-range eggs delivered biweekly beginning on the first week of delivery for 10 weeks (for a total of 10 dozen) $44 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $42.50 if paid by check

      Flower Share: Enjoy a generous sized bouquet of a wide range of specialty flowers each week for 10 weeks. Brilliant colors, classic flowers - all grown on the farm without the use of chemical sprays. See pictures on our Facebook page. $111 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $107.50 if paid by check

      Fruit Share: A selection of local seasonal TREE fruit delivered biweekly from Mid-July through October: enjoy a selection of apricots, peaches, pears, apples, cider grown with integrated pest management techniques. Delivered biweekly beginning Mid-July for 9 deliveries. This share no longer includes June deliveries which means NO early berries, including strawberries. $109 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $105 if paid by check

      Yogurt/ Kefir Share: Yogurt and kefir made fresh by Wholesome Dairy Farms, PLLC in Yellow House. PA. Enjoy 1 quart of yogurt made from unprocessed milk from their own grass fed dairy herd - plain, vanilla, and more NEW flavors! Cream on top. 1/2 pint of Greek yogurt (plain, vanilla, honey flavors) as well as 1 pint of kefir (vanilla, honey, harvest spice and plain) are included in the share. Deliveries are every other week for 10 deliveries. Visit their website at www.wholesomedairyfarms.com $113 if paid through PayPal, discounted to $110 if paid by check

      What We Grow

      We grow a large variety of vegetables that changes slightly from season to season. Each vegetable is available in its season, for example – peas in June, tomatoes in July. Here is a list of vegetables that we usually grow.

      Vegetables - All grown using organic methods and materials
      Arugula Peas
      Asian Greens Peppers – red and green bell, nordello, various hot peppers, pimento, poblano, fry peppers
      Beans Potatoes – red, white, Yukon gold
      Bok Choi Pumpkins
      Brocolli Radishes
      Carrots Red and Green cabbages
      Cauliflower Red Beets
      Celery Salad Mix
      Collards Spicy Mix
      Cucumbers Spinach
      Eggplant, black and Asian Sweet potatoes
      Garlic Swiss Chard
      Kale, curly, Lacinato and red Tomatoes, red slicers, mixed colors, mixed cherry, sungold, yellow, heirloom varieties sauce bulk
      Leeks Turnips
      Lettuce – all season!  Red and green crisp Winter squash: butternut, acorn, delicata
      Napa cabbage Zucchini and Summer squash, Patti Pan
      Onions Parsley, basil and other herbs: oregano, rosemary, summer savory, sage, cilantro

      About Our Growing Methods

      Our top priority at Red Earth Farm is to produce a large diversity of quality vegetables thoughout the growing season. We wish to do this while remaining good stewards of our land so that we may pass it on to future generations in better condition than we received it. Our farm practices reflect these two objectives. Although we are not certified organic we use primarily certified organic techniques, making exceptions in cases such as potential significant crop loss, as in tomato blight. We use no synthetic pesticides or herbicides on our farm. We hope that by conscientious and thoughtful management of our farm we will be bringing fresh, dependable food to the people of our region for many years to come.


      Below is a list of some of the flowers we grow and have available in season.

      Spring: Tulips, blue delphiniums, stock, sweet peas, old fashioned roses, iris, columbine, Plants available: annual bedding plants, perennial flower plants, dahlia tubers, trailing nasturtium hanging baskets, mixed hanging baskets.

      Early Summer: Early sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, rudbeckia, feverfew, shades of red achillea, campanula, foxglove

      Mid Summer: A wide variety of sunflowers, zinnias, gladiolus, delphinium, salvia, dahlias, tall snap dragons, lisianthus, baby's breath, ageratum, foxglove, asclepias

      Late Summer: Tuberose, crocosmia, sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, statice, baby's breath, broom corn

      Our unique, colorful bouquets are arranged from the freshest, most vibrant flowers grown here at the farm. This means that your wedding will have flowers grown in season without chemicals and other toxic methods commonly used by commercial florists. Weddings are the flowers’ greatest occasion and we strive for absolutely spectacular bouquets to accent the bride’s beauty and express the couple’s love and joy. Color preferences can be made, but the most beautiful results occur when I am given as much flexibility as possible, since I am working with what is blooming the day before your wedding. The following list represents the best bouquets and arrangements we have to offer. We harvest, condition and arrange the flowers ourselves. A tremendous amount of work, attention to detail and love goes into every bouquet we make.

      • Bride’s Bouquet
      • Bridesmaid Bouquet
      • Table Arrangement
      • Large Altar Bouquet
      • Cake Topper
      • Delivery and Set up
      If you have any questions, contact Danie at danieg@farmtocity.org with 'Red Earth Farm' in the subject line.