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Sustainable Agriculture & Local Food

The Importance of Sustainable Agriculture - recommended by students at the Elm Grove Area Community Services Center

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Promotes profitable farms which produce healthy food.

Buy Local Campaign for Southeast Pennsylvania
Guide to locally produced food: farmers' markets, CSAs, U-pick farms, and restaurants.

Local Harvest
National directory for farmers' markets, CSAs, restaurants, food co-ops, and on-line stores.

Sustainable Harvest
GreenWorks.tv website with videos about Organic Farming and buying local Food.

CSA Center
History of Community Supported Agriculture.

Earth's Elements Food & Products, Inc.
Eco-conscious "green" vegan food operation, offering catering, meal planning, and meal delivery services.

'Green' websites

Blankstyle's Organic Guide
A guide dedicated to organic food, clothing, and more.

The importance of Eco Friendly Cars
Submitted by Thomas and friends!

Philadelphia Restaurants and Suppliers

Metropolitan Bakery
Visit the neighborhood locations of this fantastic local bakery that supplies over ninety Philadelphia restaurants.

Shared commercial kitchen space
a shared use commercial kitchen available for hourly rentals by caterers, personal chefs, bakers and other food professionals. We also host cooking classes and other food-related events.

Health & Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition Degree
Frequently asked questions about careers in holistic nutrition

Strengthening Health Institute
Philadelphia based Macrobiotic School and Cafe.

Weston A. Price Foundation
Healthful foods based on ancient non-industrial traditions

Jo Robinson
Author and advocate for pastured animal products and traditional diets

Ali M. Shapiro.
Author and health coach based in Philadelphia

Sustainable Businesses

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
Supports both community life and natural life, while sustaining long-term economic viability.

White Dog Café Foundation
Host to the Sustainable Business Network and the Philadelphia Fair Food Project.

Organic Home
Help you harmonize your home or office space, cut energy costs and improve your health & environment.

Paper and Plastics
How to market your sustainable efforts, from copy-writing and design to eco-friendly paper, printing, and project ideas.

Resources for Farmers and Gardeners

University of Maryland
Information center for small farms interested in direct marketing.