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Web Services

Farm to City offers use of its website and administrative web tools to any organization that would like to run a local food buying club or CSA in its own community. We are committed to the promotion and proliferation of viable, self-sustaining local food networks across the country. To that end, our affiliate program is designed to make the prospect of starting and managing a local buying club or CSA "doable" for one or two people on a part-time basis. By signing up as a Farm to City affiliate, you will have access to a comprehensive web-based software package that will allow you to:

  • Maintain your own set of template-driven web pages on Farm to City's public website.

  • Manage applications from perspective CSA or buying club members.

  • Define and sell CSA shares online.

  • Define producers, food items, delivery dates and dropoff locations for a buying club.

  • Collect member order information for buying clubs or Member Choice CSAs.

  • Convert member orders into PDF and HTML reports for producers, food packers, dropoff site managers and delivery route drivers.

  • Track order fulfillment and automatically adjust member balances.

  • Generate mailing lists to keep you in contact with any cross-section of your membership.

In addition, your members will be able to:

  • Browse your section of the Farm to City website to read about your organization, descriptions of the food you offer, and more.

  • Log on to a secure section of the site with their email and a password.

  • Place periodic orders for a buying club, member choice CSA, or both, all via an order form whose elements you will control.

  • View their account balance histories and review and update their membership profile.

CSAs and Buying Clubs

Farm to City's software package supports several types and combinations of local food operations:

Traditional CSA  A CSA operation in which a farmer divides the week's crop yield equally among the member's share boxes. Your perspective members will sign up for CSA shares via an application form on your section of the Farm to City website. You control the price and description of each CSA share through a secure administrative website. You can opt to have Farm to City manage the recruitment process and bookkeeping duties, or manage everything yourself with the administrative tools.

Member Choice CSA  A CSA operation in which members are given some choice about what seasonal products appear in their share boxes from week to week. Members pay at the beginning of the season, and then submit their orders each week from a list of available crops. Members who do not submit weekly orders still receive a share box filled with "farmer's choice" items. This option has all the same features of the Traditional CSA in addition to administrative features that allow you to control all aspects of the custom order process.

Buying club  A buying club allows its members to order food for periodic delivery, typically once a week. In some clubs, members place their orders at the end the month for the next four or five weeks; in other clubs, members place their orders more frequently. Unlike CSAs, buying clubs operate on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, allowing members to order as much or as little food as they want from week to week. As with CSA deliveries, buying club members pick up their weekly orders from designated drop-off locations. Using the administrative website, you can control the order period, delivery days, pickup locations, item prices and availability and any other data vital to the smooth operation of your club.

CSA and Buying Club Combinations  Some farmers wish to supppliment their traditional or member choice CSA with a buying club, usually for meat, dairly and value-added items not included the regular share price. In these cases, members still pay for a CSA share at the beginning of the season and then have the option of supplementing their weekly CSA deliveries with items from the buying club. With this type of operation, the administrative tools will allow you to manage both your CSA and buying club data at the same time.

Web Service Fees

In return for use of our website and administrative tools, Farm to City charges modest sales-based fees that help us cover the cost of operating the website. The fees are based on the estimated cost of labor that would be required to run a local food operation without the software: i.e. collecting member orders via paper forms or email, data entry and development of useful reports from raw order data.

Fee Schedule

CSA - Basic Plan: 4% of total sales through the website. With this option, it is up to the program manager to use the administrative site to manage all bookkeeping and payment collection.

CSA - Bookkeeping Plan: same as basic plan, with additional 2% of total sales through the website (6% total). With this option, all bookkeeping and payment collection is managed by Farm to City. Farm to City will send the program manager accumulations of share payments, minus 6%, on a monthly basis.

Member Choice CSA: fees for the CSA Basic or Bookkeeping plans apply, plus an additional 2% of gross CSA share sales. Program managers who wish to offer a member choice CSA should make this decision before offering shares to the public and take the additional 2% into consideration when setting share prices. Program managers can still convert a traditional CSA into a member choice CSA after shares have been sold for the season by paying the 2% fee at any time. Once the member choice CSA fee has been paid to Farm to City, it cannot be refunded once the season starts, even if the program managers decides to drop the member choice ordering options.

Buying Club: 3% of adjusted gross sales, billed to affiliates by Farm to City on a monthly basis.

CSA and Buying Club Combinations: In these cases, all fees associated with a stand-alone CSA or buying club apply jointly.

Web Content Management Fees

All Farm to City affiliate plans include four hours of free technical support intended to help the affiliate launch their section of the website, in addition to two hours of technical support per month. It is up to the affiliate to provide all content (text and images) to Farm to City with a coherent plan for implementing the content into the various pages of the affiliate’s section of the website. Since all page content can be managed through the administrative site, some web and HTML-savvy affiliates will be able to manage their web pages with little or no help from Farm to City; for others, more technical assistance will be required.

For all technical assistance beyond the initial four hours and/or the monthly two-hour limit, a charge of $35/hour will be applied.

Rollovers: affiliates can apply up to two hours of unused free technical support from one month to the following month, for a total of four hours free support in any given month. In addition, the four hours of free launch-related technical support can be redeemed up to 90 days after affiliate signup and can be applied towards any support issue.

Sign Up!

If you are interested in using Farm to City's website and online management tools to set up and run a buying club or CSA in your area, email us at , or call (215) 733-9599.